Thursday, August 20, 2009

Ze Selassie Guilty...

Interesting to see that they have found Ze Selassie guilty and have given him life in prison. The justice system has been under such scrutiny in recent years, and with the failure to get a conviction in the Kellon Hill case, there has been a serious outcry to have the system revamped completely.

I hate to say it, but Ze Selassie may have suffered the indignity of being found guilty even before his trial had begun. While we hope that justice has taken it's proper course in this trial, and for all intents and purposes it seems as though it has, I shudder to think what would have happened should there have been another botched trial and he walked free.

Ultimately we should still look at fixing whatever is broken in this system. That we have no answers in the Kellon Hill murder trial has left a sickening taste in our mouths. We need resolution.

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  1. I actually agree - a bit of prejudice and a desire to find *somebody* guilty of a recent crime has probably come into play, regardless of the actual guilt or innocence here. But what can you do. Jury options are limited in such a small island, and like you said if this man was found innocent, the cries for retribution would have gone up a thousandfold.

    There isn't much confidence in our court system at present, particularly when it comes to the DPP.