Friday, December 25, 2009

“It is perhaps a more fortunate destiny to have a taste for collecting shells than to be born a millionaire” - Robert Louis Stevenson

We must find a way. We must have a plan. We must break that which is broken, break it completely so that it can not ever be resurrected, for we know now that what is broken should not continue to be used. We must forge a new path, as those before us who believed in manifest destiny...

We must be thankful for where we are and how we came to be, we must be a government of one people, undaunted, undivided. We must love the aged and the young, their contributions mean so much. We must educate and be educated, to stop learning is to stop living, for we are here on planet earth for a reason, to be great, each and every day.

We must grow more food, we must drive less, we must find ways to save our world, to save our people. We must make less war, and make more love, for there can be nothing better than love. We must cry more, laugh more. We must give more and take less. We must take pride in our accomplishments and strive to be better every day. We must find cures for the plagues that affect us. We must plant more trees and build less skyscrapers, we must use less and recycle more. We must seek less from God, and take responsibility for our people and our world. We must remove barriers and build bridges, we must invite more and not wait to be invited, we must work harder and celebrate less.

We must smile more, for we know that in the smile of a child there is nothing more precious or beautiful. We must accept that we are not perfect and that it is ok. We must develop relationships based on friendships without expectation or demand. We need less in our banks and more in our hearts. We must show our future generations that there is hope and that together we can achieve much, alone we achieve little.

One hope for all at this time of year... that we have learned from our mistakes, that we can move beyond hate and learn to appreciate the gifts we have. Move with love in your heart and we will all move mountains.

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