Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Just thinking...

I'm back after yet my second amazing experience in a Tall Ships event here in Bermuda. In 2000 as a Senior Liaison Officer at the Hamilton Office, it truly was a once in a lifetime experience. This year, in the 400th birthday of our country, I was again involved in the Trans-Atlantic Challenge this time with the Tall Ship - Pride of Baltimore II... yet another amazing experience. It is truly an honor to be able to work alongside such a dedicated group of people. I have made some great friendships and hopefully will see them again real soon!

Our headlines are dedicated with our Premier's latest debacle. I wonder if he truly is the person he seems to be? I wonder if he needs to be as important as he thinks he should be? There never seems to be a period of time where he doesn't push the envelope just a little bit further. It's a risky proposition. Sooner or later the challenge will be bigger than just keeping his supporters happy. It truly becomes more and more difficult to understand his mission. His acts are senseless and have no direction. He breaks the law to suit his own agenda and now he endangers his own countrymen should they ever have to go to China. Don't think that Bermudians would "slip through" unnoticed should they land in Hong Kong for a business meeting. By holding Chinese fugitives, without support from Britain, we open up a diplomatic nightmare should one of our locals be spotted on the Chinese mainland. Never say never. If the Chinese government are that upset, our people could be held for an indeterminate amount of time, and I doubt highly HMS would do anything about it. I wonder what he will do next?

In an effort to shorten my musings, I ponder this last point. The latest Tall Ships event again shows the power of people. Bermudians far and wide came together and performed an admirable service when called upon. Our nature is a giving one. We seldom disappoint in times of need. It is truly a credit to all of us that we can cross the barriers that society constantly places in front of us. There is no doubt that we must continue to fight the injustices that plague our society, but there is no doubt that when we put our minds to it we can truly be great!

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