Thursday, June 18, 2009

Viva la Revolution!!!

“To accomplish much you must first lose everything.” - Che Guavara

Where are all of the revolutionaries? Where are the people of passion, spirit, challengers to the throne? Why are we so lacking in those who would lead us, would inspire us to battle, where are the Ghandi's, King's, Guavara's and X's of today's world? Why are we so lacking the will to stand up and be counted?

Certainly there are battles to be fought. Most assuredly there are organizations dedicated to fighting the injustices all around the world, and for the most part these "fighters" are truly committed to their cause. Social activism is there for all who will heed the call, but are we so limited in our view of the world that we are unable to carry that same activism to actually make a difference.

It has become increasingly evident that in the comfort of our own little island the attitude of complacency is quickly changing. As our fearless leader continues to bungle his way along, there is a section of the public who are now willing to stand up and be counted. Unfortunately for them they are seen by those in power as disgruntled and sadly enough.... white. While Dr. Brown may not see this fight as an important one and in many areas of our society it is being ridiculed as racist vitriol, the fact remains, that there are a lot of pissed off people out there. If they happen to be white or black is of little consequence, what is missing is the link that would bring them together, and inspire others to speak out as well. Where is our Che Guavara?

For far too long our island has been divided by black and white. The feelings of the many now outweigh the few and what is left is a serious case of indigestion. Blacks who need to exorcise their ghosts and whites who refuse to accept any responsibility for the past. While this fight seemingly has no end, what is truly needed is the REVOLUTIONARY who will bind enough people together to truly find a happy middle ground. Until then we are subjected to an endless embarrassment of idealistic idiots who can not stop themselves. Our small community is burdened with sins from the past and the present and no one seems to be able to get their head out of their backside long enough to do anything about it.

Where is the reset button? Where is the revolution?

Let it happen now before we end up killing each other....

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