Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wisdom - Why we must endure...

“The doorstep to the temple of wisdom is a knowledge of our own ignorance.” - Benjamin Franklin

The fight is over. At least it is for me. I stepped out on a ledge and was rejected out of hand. Fool me once, shame on me. I hope to all I hold dear that I am not so foolish again. The smart person picks his fights carefully. I didn't. Ouch...

Ok enough dwelling on the past. Bermuda truly is another world and I am one of the lucky few who can truly call it home. I don't know if there are better places in the world, but it would be extremely difficult to find one. One thing I think we as Bermudians truly fail to grasp is that this paradise os ours, and we should do whatever we can to make it the best we possibly can.

My beliefs on religion, faith, racism, politics, sports and ice cream (for there can be no better flavor than rum raisin) have all been challenges for me personally, most recently. It may be that I'm reaching the age where things truly matter, but it may also be that I care just a bit more.

I have never seen the world through my father's eyes. In my own liberal sensibilities, I still see the glass as half full. Dad's is always half empty. I have never believed in party politics, and in recent times have even begun to question the existence of God. Book plug - if you get a chance please read "The Evolution of God" by Robert Wright, a great investigatory piece.

The quest for wisdom is ongoing for me. Education never stops, Seeking the truths, understanding the untruths, knowing that when I walk out onto the ledge, it matters not how strong I am, it matters how strong that ledge is, and that there will always be hills to climb, oceans to swim, and fights to fight.

Just make sure that the fight is one worth fighting.

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