Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Becoming a lean green machine....

Did you know, the Hershey Company in the US produces about 20,000,000 kisses each day using 133 square miles of aluminum to wrap them in; this material is recyclable and most of it ends up in the trash rather than the recycle bin. -

It's a serious thing this recycling business. Certainly it is a business, the pros of running a "green" business definitely outweigh the cons. The statistics are staggering. Even here in our small island home, people think "green" as a way of life. Most of our fine citizens find ways to recycle, save energy and plant trees. We are known for our cleanliness. Tourists love that our streets are not consumed by litter and our oceans are not suffering the effects of pollution as most other countries in the west.

It's a part of our social conscience isn't it? In all that we do, we are challenged to live a better life, create a better world, saving the planet ultimately saves lives and who wouldn't want that? So keep separating your plastics, glass and metals!!! Hey if you didn't notice, our Government is offering the good people up to $5000 if you install solar panels in your home! Will that inspire people? Eh.....

So many things to consider in recognizing our "footprint", things we take for granted like that little Hershey's Kiss deal up there. Are you going to stop using your gas guzzling automobiles? Does car-pooling even happen in Bermuda? I don't think so. It's a nice thought, but it's an effort that takes mass coordination. We don't have the time to be worried about how others are doing, so we just keep stuffing those blue bags, keep taking our green bags to the grocers, and turn off the lights every once in a while. Oh and Belco will still give out prizes for those who do a decent job with their Christmas lights.

I wonder. Would you drive an electric bike? Would you recycle that paper in the office? Would you buy a bottle of wine that has a screw cap instead of a cork? Would you car-pool, or better yet walk to work? No... it's still too hot outside. Are we conscientiously making an effort to save our world, or are we just keeping the kids happy so when they go to school they can say "We recycle at home!!!" So keep stuffing those blue bags... we'll be green some day.

If we look at our lives, we must consider that even in doing what we do, it may not be enough. GreenRock reports that with each kilowatt hour of electricity we use, 751 grams of CO2 are pumped into the atmosphere. (here). There is hope fans... several businesses have begun to do their part. I'm not really into self promotion, but hey it's my dime, so you get what you pay for... Skinks Ink (located in Sound Stage in the Washington Mall) is refilling ink-jet cartridges, and Lanier Business products, who I am working with, are remanufacturing laser toner cartridges. Bermudian businesses doing the right thing. An off-shoot of the Lanier Business is the lithium battery electric bike EVT that uses no gas. It's conscious efforts like these that will continue to make a difference. So the next time you snap off a blue bag, have a look at the blue sky outside and wonder if it really is too hot to walk to work, or even better call someone and offer to pick them up!!!

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