Thursday, May 28, 2009

Divine Intervention...

It is interesting that in times of personal challenge we seek guidance and support from the Lord. In the wake of the shootings over the weekend, local churches here in Bermuda held a prayer vigil in order to show support as a community. It's a nice idea, and the idea behind community activism is the correct one, but it will honestly take a lot more than a prayer service a t a few churches to get beyond the violence.

In my own personal spiritual quest, I have found that there are too many roads to the top of the mountain and too many "guarantees" that this road is the right one. Sorry, but if you step outside the box for a second, God isn't doing such a great job... is he? Let's look at facts. What has he accomplished in the last 2010 years? Promises of what is to come? Really? Keep praying. People are still being killed in all corners of our world and in our community.... and that's just the beginning.

Ok... go get your St. James Bible or your NIV, or whatever it is you choose to thump and start looking up the doctrines. Yes, I know... burn in hell, everlasting life, Jesus died for us and all that good stuff. It's no wonder the bible is always on the best-seller list. No, I won't get into the science versus creation debate, I'm getting into the here and now debate. God isn't saving lives, not on our streets, not on many other streets around the world. Has anyone seen the crisis in Eastern Africa recently? The oppresion of the monks in Burma, the slaughter of the Tamils in Sri Lanka? It's a sin what's happening over there, innocents dying, slaughtered.

I regress. This is Bermuda, paradise found... yup, and a few prayer groups will lift the spirits of a nation hungry for resolution, desperate for answers, praying for God to fill the hearts of the wicked and save some souls!!!! YES!!!! Can you feel it??? 

Eh.... I have an itch.

Let's be serious. God is not moving the hearts of those that did this. Let's hope he inspires a few witnesses. Maybe a parent, a church going believer of god will hand over their child if they know that they are involved. Maybe they will be so overcome in inspiration in the love of God that they will want justice to be served. Keep praying my people. God is not parting the clouds and showing the way to salvation. He (or she for the feminists) really hasn't done a lot to bring these sinners to justice. Judgement day awaits... until then they live the life of Reilly.

I'm just not feeling it... are you?

The answers lie in each of us coming together as a community and working together. If that happens in a church, so be it, but let's not think for a second that God will have anything to do with it. 

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