Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Re-inventing Michael Vick

Michael Vick gets to go home today. In his worst nightmare, he wouldn't have imagined that his life would have turned out this way. With two months of house arrest to go, he is ready to get on with his life... and why shouldn't he? 

Apologies to all the animal lovers who are still upset with the man for making a mistake. Apologies to the animal rights activists who still see him as enemy number 1. He's not. Aside from NFL defenses, he never hurt a single human being. Not that he was charged a crime for anyway. He was convicted for running a dog-fighting operation. A horrible thing for sure, and to that end he has paid for his crime in both prison and in his wallet.

There is a lot of talk about how he will be able to continue his livelihood once his "time" is officially over. There is a lot of talk as to what teams would "risk" an unpopular move by taking a chance on Michael Vick. Are you kidding me? Michael Vick is an impact maker. A player who makes a difference on the field. Certainly there were questions about his ability as a "Pocket QB" but there can be no questions about the man's athletic ability.

Back to the main issue. Many people have done things a lot worse than Michael Vick has done. Many have come out of prison and led highly productive lives. There is absolutely no reason to believe that Michael Vick won't. For a man to be denied an opportunity to resume a career that was at a level higher than most in the prime of his life is frankly... unacceptable. For the better part of 2 seasons football fans have been denied seeing him on the football field. It would be a bigger crime if he wasn't able to do that again. If he's physically and emotionally ready to return to the NFL, and if the Atlanta Falcons seriously consider it, he should be given every opportunity to earn a spot on the team he still is under contract with.

The crime is done, the sentence (according to the law) has fit the crime and it is long time that we begin the healing process and allow a very talented football player a second chance. Animal lovers and activists must continue to fight, but must continue to direct their anger at those who are still abusing, not those who aren't. Continued anger at Vick and the NFL is wrong. It is time to let those wounds heal.

To NFL Commissioner Tagliabue and Falcons owner Arthur Blank. Remember the player he was, the person he was. The man we know as Michael Vick has paid enough. Give him his second chance.

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