Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I have moments etched in my mind that explode like fireworks on the 4th of July. I am mesmerized by a group of kids with the power to transform lives with lyrics that pull at the very heartstrings of those who choose to walk along with them. At a time where the boundaries of art are limitless, we are inspired by those who can break through the vices that are sworn to hold them down.

It is in these Brave New Voices, that we celebrate their victories, and cry with them as they share their pains. Their prayers for the future, their recognition of history and their place in the world today. These poets, kids, dazzle us with lyrics that are truly beyond anything we have seen before, they amaze us with their dramatic and exquisite emotional representations of the world they live in.

It is a wonderful thing. To find artists dedicated to greatness, offering a heartfelt expose of the times of their lives. Their thoughts on the most debated topics of the day. Like a painter, they give us colour and texture, like a dancer they give us movement and grace, like a musician, they work to a resounding crescendo and bring us safely home again. We are truly blessed to share in their journeys, and left drained by the sheer magnitude of their works. It is not often that we can give credence to such lyrical genius. One would be prodigious, many are simply mind-blowing.

There comes a time when we must sit back and simply be left in awe. Anyone who watched this series on HBO will completely understand how much this means.

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