Monday, June 13, 2011

Random Thoughts...

Just some quick hits on what's happening in my world...

Not that I'm a believer, but God doesn't like ugly. A huge sigh of relief that the Miami Heat lost, on their home court, the NBA championship last night. The year long coronation of the "three" as the next big thing failed. The pain that has been the over-hyped new dream team has finally subsided with the NBA title going to Mark Cuban's Dallas Mavericks. Now I'm not a Cuban fan, but no one NBA owner lives and dies with his team as he does. Congrats to the Mavericks and in some strange way to the Cleveland Cavaliers who might feel that justice has been served.

Sticking with the sports world, the NHL playoffs... the finals... are still ongoing. The longest season in professional sports continues, and as a hockey fan I don't mind it one little bit. That said, I won't cry when it's over. A Canucks victory would restore the faith in Canada that the game is still something that they do better than most, even though the NHL titles have been few and far between. Apologies to the long suffering Leafs fans, but one must believe that Ottawa stands closer to winning a championship than Canada's version of the Chicago Cubs does (1967 must feel like 1908 in Toronto).

On the local front the CSL (Softball) heads into it's final week (or so). Much maligned, the sport when played at a competitive level is very exciting and as president of BASA, I can only hope for the day we can get our fast-pitch demons behind us. Bermuda deserves to have a competitive fast-pitch league, needs to have the game developed and played at the highest level. If I can do only one thing... let it be having fastpitch played again...

Moving away from sports, I see we had another minor "quake" yesterday morning. I'm no expert here, and I gather that these things happen quite often, but I wonder if I need to add earthquake insurance to my home insurance policy?

Also... RAIN! YES!!!! Let's hope it stays around for a while. My tank definitely needs some help. Apologies to any tourists paying the exorbitant hotel rates, but this has been a LONG time coming.

The BIU has sent a 21 day strike notice to the Transportation minister. How does a Labour government end up having labour problems? Hmmmm....

The Deputy Governor (who?) has gone on record as stating that the Uighurs are not here permanently. Any bet they will be here longer than the Deputy Governor?

Why is it that we can recognize a tourist caught with ammunition is no threat to the island, and let them off without charge, and yet when a woman comes to the island with marijuana for "medical use" (as noted by her physician), we treat her like she's the worst villain in the world?

CURB will be hosting Part 3 of a Discussion with Black Bermudians Wednesday at the Leopard's Club beginning at 7:30 p.m. hosted by Dr. Eva Hodgson and Cordell Riley. I can't support this effort enough. CURB is doing some amazing work in Bermuda and I only wish more Bermudians would take note. In a society that continually draws a line between black and white, the experience and dedication of CURB to the public can not be overstated.

Last but not least, another school year is coming to a close. Our kids have worked hard and hopefully most will continue to make progress. We can not blame them for the failures of an inadequate educational system. We can not blame them for the continued neglect that happens within the school system, nor should we blame them for the budgetary restraints being placed upon teachers, and schools within the system. What it does require is more effort from us.... the parents. We need to be far more active in the education of our children and be more pro-active rather than reactive. If we spend the necessary time and effort with them at home, keep on top of them at school, it will be a much more successful community, and ultimately .... country.

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