Friday, June 10, 2011

Sins of the sons.... (and grandsons)

Just have to add my two cents to a debate brought up this week by Senator Laverne Furbert. She questioned the need for the media to expose MP Neletha Butterfield in a criminal case against the MP's grandson. It should be noted that this is NOT a black and white issue, as we have had people's relations brought to light irrespective of colour or party affiliation. 

Here's my spiel. This practice MUST stop. If you do it for one you must do it for all. Are we interested in finding out who David Cox, who is being tried in the death of Yankee Rawlins, parents are? Or who is grandparents are? His great grandparents? Cox is a pretty powerful name in Bermuda. Would we be willing to expose a lineage of the Cox name to find a relationship that has absolutely nothing to do with the case?

Shame on the mass media for doing this. Not only here in Bermuda... but around the world. We need less sensationalism and more important coverage paid to the crime itself.

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