Friday, June 24, 2011

Who we hate... why we hate...

Interesting thoughts entering this distorted view. I'm not sure why I spend so much energy in concern for my white brothers. The endless drivel that occurs on one of our local forums berating the current government for anything and everything is mind numbing. More than that it's really getting old. Their ability to incite each other into levels of hatred led one such valued member not so long ago to threaten a violent end to then premier Dr. Brown.

I will applaud those few brave black brothers who continue to offer a bit of resistance on that forum, but I can not, for it is simply not a healthy idea for me. There is debate for debate's sake, and there is a fight. I will gladly debate openly on issues that matter, but at no point will I be dragged into the muck by those who would be already blinded by hatred. I know now that the "buddy system" is used and anyone who offers any sort of resistance is eaten up by the piranha mentality of vicious white people who have clearly moved beyond any form of reconciliation.

What does that say for our society? What does that say for the state of race relations in our small country? The legacy of hatred for anything black is bound to infect generations to come unless we find a common ground from which to stand upon. Unfortunately, no one knows if that common ground even exists. The really sad part about all of this is the negative effects it will have on our children. It is the sort of disease that is taught to generation after generation of white kids. That these white men can consistently beat this drum is not easy to take. I fear none would be strong enough to stand outside their pen names and offer the same fight in a public manner. Their fear drives their hate, their fear of losing the power that still moves them.... money.

I will offer no apologies for them. Their denial in acceptance of responsibility for the sins of the past is clear. They will not do so, for they believe they were not responsible. Then who exactly was responsible? If whites today could go back 20 years, 30 years, 40 years... 100 years and apologize for the racist system that they imposed on our island, would they? No... probably not. So the issue has never been truly resolved, it's been swept under the rug, and hopefully someone else will deal with it.

Likewise I will not accept mismanagement or abuse by the current government. Hate is hate and it is truly colorblind. Zane Desilva can not hide behind them, nor can any member of the PLP be excused for using terms to incite hatred in the house and in public. What may be used as general vernacular in today's world is not acceptable in the social conscience and as such should be done away with. We should hold our politicians ... all of them to a higher standard, and hold them accountable when violations occur. Apology or not, Mr. Desilva should have been reprimanded by the speaker, and further by his party seniors.

Talk the talk... walk the walk. Teach your kids to love and respect all people and you preach hatred, whether online or anywhere else, you are a hypocrite.

On a personal note, I umpired the middle school boys softball tournament this week. Congrats to all those participating teams. Special note of congrats to Warwick Academy for winning the tournament. Saltus finished second, Somersfield third. It is clear that those boys who play baseball have a far superior advantage and these middle should be encouraged to continue their softball development It is a mandate by the Softball Association to encourage this development and hopefully we will do so soon enough.

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